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Living With The Sea, Crabs & Lobsters

Isle of Mull, Scotland

One of the families I photographed on Mull are intimately involved with the sea. In the 1960's Nick Turnbull fished for brown crabs and lobsters from Croig Pier with his partner George Martin. Their two sons Kenny and Ronan grew up together, went to college and then took over fishing as partners from the same pier. I followed them as they worked the coast of North Mull and Isle of Coll. Their fathers, Nick & George, then began an oyster rearing business in a nearby bay, see those oyster images here. The images  show the lads shooting the creels, hauling in and storing their catch in the bay, and its preparation for delivery to the customers. The final images show their Scottish produce on sale & being delivered to the table in a restaurant in Woburn, England.

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