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Shooting Times

Deer Stalking in Scotland

CAUTION contains images of hunting & dead animals. If such images offend or upset you please do not proceed.

Deer stalking is a crucial aspect of land management in Scotland. Deer numbers need controlling for the benefit of both the deer and to enable woodland integrity and prevent crop damage. I've been commisisoned by Shooting Times on numerous occasions over several years to work with a young woman Land Manager & deer stalker Megan Rowland as she undertakes her duties on the hill in Sutherland. The first images are from various days out on the hill across the seasons with Megan. The last two series of images are from a Shooting Times commission on the Atholl Estates in Perthshire, and a Deer Commission for Scotland training day for stalkers, held in Strathconon. This was an event where stalkers learned about animal welfare, food hygiene, safe handling and hill safety, all designed to ensure best practice in deer stalking across Scotland.

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